Rider support for the 40th annual Covered Bridges Ride - Sunday Oct 10th, 2021

Mark Hinkel

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Subject: Rider support for the 40th annual Covered Bridges Ride - Sunday Oct 10th, 2021

Volunteers needed...  This is a rather well known bicycle ride through multiple covered bridges in Bucks County.  The ride starts and finishes at Tinicum Park (Tinicum above New Hope - not down by the airport).  This year the cycle club has just over a thousand riders but not as many volunteers as they've had in past years.  Volunteer support is in need of both ham radio operators and non-hams who work the rest stops. 

Dean (KC3JXT) usually has people to serve as drivers with their own SAG vehicle, but they are not ham radio operators.  To ride SAG, you will need a mobile radio and a mag mount antenna.  I have cigarette lighter plugs with cables terminated in the Anderson Power Pole or the typical "T" connector.  All cars today have cigarette lighter sockets that are really power ports to feed cell phones, laptops, etc with a 20amp fuse.  (no need to tie into the battery terminals)  Or better yet, bring your own battery to sit on the floor and not depend on vehicle power.  I have a large battery you may borrow.

This year Dean will use his own truck to serve as transport between various rest stops and Tinicum.  His brother will drive but is not a ham operator.  You will not need to bring a 2m radio since the truck already has one installed.  If we can find one person to ride SAG / transport, I can then go setup a tall mast at Bulls Island or maybe Frenchtown NJ.  We'll see how many volunteers we have later in the week.

Look over the rest stops, knowing roads in the area is a big plus.  See below...  There are multiple rides;  65, 55, 33 and 20 mile - not all rides go through all rest stops - longer rides start earlier in the morning.  Rest stops at Durham elementary close at 11am and Weisel at 12.30pm.  Stops at Bulls Island and Pipersville are the last to close -- at 2pm.

Google map of Tinicum Park;

This is what the cyclists see;

Mark  WA3QVU

Please contact Dean directly and he will forward the ride info packet.  

Dean Hedin


Durham-Nox Elementary
41 Thomas Free Drive Kintnersville, PA

Weisel Youth Hostel
7347 Richlandtown Rd, Quakertown, PA

Lorber Plumbing
19 Dark Hollow Rd, Pipersville, PA

Bull's Island
218555 Daniel Bray Highway (Rt29), Stockton, PA

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Subject: Rider support for the 40th annual Covered Bridges Ride (Info packet)

First and foremost I’d want to say thank you all for your support to this event during these trying times.
At present we have over 1000 pre registered riders for this event.  This exceeds slightly what we have seen in recent years.   This increase comes about for a few reasons.
First, it is the 40th anniversary of the event.  Secondly, during COVID many new people delved into the cycling sport.  I think we need to keep this in mind.
For many of these riders this will be their first big sanctioned ride and that means the possibility of more inexperienced riders out on the road.
Unfortunately we find ourselves slightly shorthanded for volunteers.  This is not just volunteers for ride support but for many other aspects for the event, such as spotters and food preparation.
Certainly COVID has had some impact.  I don’t believe it is so much concern of infection as much as the pandemic has had a large economic impact and this has altered people’s priorities.
I think our group will manage, I have had to cut down operators stationed at the rest stops, but we will compensate with the SAG and shuttle vehicles frequently loitering at the rest locations.
On Oct. 3  I will be volunteering as a SAG rider for the JCS’s Meals on Wheels event in NJ.  My hope is that I may recruit a few more ride support volunteers from that event to help us out.
Masks will be optional but recommended for our group.  If you could bring your own masks that would be great, but I will have some masks available.
Attached are instruction and radio plan as well as the cue sheets for the ride courses.
There will be no 33 flat ride on the New Jersey side of the river this year.  There was storm damage as a result of Ida and riders will not go much further past Bull’s island.
There were also some minor changes to the longer routes.
We will not be having the volunteer party immediately after the event this year.  It will be scheduled for a later date yet to be determined.   I will inform all ride support volunteers when I have the date and location.
All support volunteers are eligible for an event t-shirt and a lunch at Tinicum Park. 
Once again thank you for volunteering
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/corrections
Dean Hedin

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