Final HHW Drop Off Locations for 2021

Mark Hinkel

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Not sure if I'll make the next hamfest for the area (Red Rose Repeater Hamfest in New Holland - Oct 2nd), but I know I'll have items to take to a Household Hazardous Waste drop off before the end of year.  That includes the longer florescent tubes (2ft and up), old gasoline or other car stuff from the garage, oil base paints and varnish, thermostats with mercury bulbs, etc. 

The HHW drop off people apparently do NOT take electronics or smoke detectors.  They are making it difficult to "not just throw it in the trash".  However 611 Metals in Willow Grove do take the old computers and odd pieces of test equipment we've found in recent estates.  611 Metals do charge for TV and oscilloscopes with CRT tubes.  (about 80 cents / pound)

Since everything is now made of plastic, I'm in the habit of taking apart the plastic housing for hedge trimmers, electric shavers, old fans, etc and throwing the plastic parts into the recycle bin the township provides.  Municipalities nowadays provide several trash cans or bins on wheels - one specifically for cans, glass and plastics.  One man drives the truck, which is equipped with a long articulated arm that reaches out to grab the can, then swings up and over the truck to dump the contents into the trash truck.  Read that half or one third the labor costs.

Mark  WA3QVU

Read the pdf here, many drop offs now have registered times;

Here are the dates and places nearest to Bucks and Montco;
September 25, 2021 Saturday Montgomery Spring-Ford 9th Grade Center, 400 South Lewis Rd., Royersford
October 9, 2021 Saturday Chester Government Services Center, 601 Westtown Rd., West Chester
October 24, 2021 SUNDAY Montgomery Lower Merion Transfer Station, 1300 N. Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley
October 30, 2021 Saturday Bucks Strayer Middle School, 1200 Ronald Reagan Drive, Quakertown
November 6, 2021 Saturday Philadelphia Streets Dept. NE Facility, 3901 Delaware Ave. between Castor & Lewis (Near Allegheny Exit of I-95), Phila.

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