DMR problems


    Anyone having issues transmitting on DMR Brandmeister servers lately? I seem to have been partially blocked for the last few days.
I can receive OK on my hotspot, and connect or disconnect talk groups, but no one is hearing me on any of these methods on talk group 3142, 31360 or the Parrot test group
      - local Waterford Works WR3IRS repeater. I can't quite hit K3PDR consistently.
      - Openspot3
       - Clearnode (All-Star to DMR analog bridge using DVSwitch)
       - DroidStar

I've had almost the same code plug for a year now on any Anytone 878, and it was working earlier this month, though I heard that statewide talk groups are blocked on DVSwitch. I checked with one of the Brandmeister
admins, and he says that I'm not blocked, as the connect/disconnect commands are getting through, but he got very grouchy when I mentioned that I tested with DroidStar, as a few of the admins there are not crazy about non-RF connections to DMR. Any ideas what could be wrong?

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