Re: PDRA Monday night Dstar net.

Stuart - N3GWG


Whilst I have not been one of the more frequent club members checking into the net, I stand most greatly appreciative of all your hard work running it for all these years.

I have many times heard hams decry that nets are a relic of the past with everyone answering their mobile phone all but 24 hours a day from anywhere today or never hearing any "emergency traffic" on them anymore. However, the foregoing notwithstanding, nets remain a persistent part of Amateur Radio by offering a very special social component that impels us to schedule time to be on the air. Moreover, I personally enjoyed the humorous and cheerfully funny weekly comments of those frequenting the net and such are hard to replace in any other medium or format.

Thanks again for all the hard work and commitment.

Very Respectfully,

Stuart Blake Tener, BScCS, N3GWG (Extra), MROP
Computer Scientist / FCC Licensed Radio Operator

Las Vegas, NV / Philadelphia, PA

(310) 358-0202 Mobile Phone
(215) 338-6005 Google Voice

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