Kimberton Wrap-up and Reading RC Hamfest Flyer

Mark Hinkel

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I have posted multiple pics from the Kimberton Hamfest on the Warminster ARC and Penn Wireless Facebook pages.  If you are logged onto FB, you can go look now.  These are open pages on Facebook Groups.

I had a freebie table setup in recognition of several local hams who have died from Lou Gehrig's disease. Allan (W3AEH) Denise (KB3ANO) and Dave (WI3Y). All money in the coffee can at end of day goes to the ALS Foundation. We collected $250... thank you all..!! 

Last call for the Electrophonic stereo w/ phonograph and 8 track on the left before we give it to the thrift store. The 8 track unit is also a recording unit with 2 microphones... and a pile of 8 track tapes.  The shelf goes with the stereo;  bookshelf speakers at the top, then the Garrard phonograph, next down is the stereo receiver and 8 track player/recorder, bottom is storage for the 8 track tapes.  Send me an email "off list" if you're interested.  I'm home all week...

And of course the next hamfest in the Southeast Pa area is Reading Radio Club.  This is held on Saturday August 8th in Sinking Spring, just West of Reading.  Vendors at 7am and general public at 8am.  See Google maps for location;

Mark  WA3QVU

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Attached - Reading Radio Club Hamfest Flyer     73  Harry W3VBY


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