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As many of you know, both Dave Carrol (N2VUZ - RF Hill) and I have been selling off the Allen Lipkin (W3AEH) estate.  Most of these sales have been local occurring at each of our homes.  These are individual sales with mask on or lately the buyer tells us he's had the Covid shot(s).  ie; not 6 or more people hanging around the table as we often see at hamfests. 

In addition, on March 12th Jayson and I took a number of items out to the Reading Radio Club meeting held at the Berks County Agricultural Center in Bernville (West side of Reading).  Reading RC have been back to meeting in person mainly because of the venue; a very large auditorium at the Agg Center with tables and chairs spread out more than 6ft apart.  Money collected that night was $66, with $7 going to the RRC.

Today, Easter Sunday, I took time to total up the cash received both at my house in Willow Grove and up at Dave's house in Telford.  The club commission (10 percent) will go to RF Hill for items sold in Telford and to Penn Wireless for items sold in Willow Grove.  I had one Warminster Club member who came down to NE Philly and purchased several items directly from the estate.  In that one case, 10 percent will go to the Warc treasurer.

We still have several items pending ($100 maybe?) and quite a few items to go thru before we can see light at the end of the tunnel.  Sarah (the widow) will have Allen's friend Ron Cohen (K3ZKO) come in and go thru multiple boxes in the basement front room.  There could be more radio items there but more likely it's just personal papers and maybe manuals.  We'll see..??

OK...  Can I have a drum roll please;
Dave has collected $400 in Telford with $40 going toward RF Hill.
I have collected $512 in Willow Grove with $52 going toward PWA.
Somewhere in the numbers I'll pull $10 to go toward Warc.

As I count the cash (less club commissions) I currently have $820 which as per Sarah's request will go to the ALS Foundation.

Thank you all for your "totally out of season non-hamfest" purchases.  We could not have raised this amount of money without you.  I will post a new notice for the "Philly Swap Net" on Zoom to be held this Tuesday evening at 7:30.

Mark  WA3QVU

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