Re: Montgomery County COVID-19 Vaccine Registration

Jim McCusker (K3YO)


It's probably best to point people to the main MontCo web page that links to the 3rd party sign-up form.  If MontoCo makes changes to the form they may end up pointing to a different form page than the one you listed.   Here's the main MontCo page that has the link (orange button on page):



On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 1:39 PM Chuck Farrell, W3AFV <chuckffarrell@...> wrote:
Montgomery County just opened a website for you to sign up for the Covid-19 vaccination for Phase 1B and 1C. That’s everyone age 65 or older or those younger with pre-existing conditions.

It asks your name, birthday, address, phone number and, I assume, your pre-existing conditions if you are under age 65. If you are not sure which phase you fall in, sign up anyway and they will determine your eligibility.

The site is for people who live or work in Montgomery County.

Once you register you will receive an email from Veoci saying you will be contacted with a vaccine appointment link when they have available vaccine supplies. It says this may take up to a month or longer.

There is more information on the MontCo website

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