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Mark Hinkel

>>  Question was asked about out of state shipping <<

Well yes and no... 
Our idea is to limit shipping costs and packing.

To answer your question;  I will ship out out of state but you will have to pay the costs.  I have a full time job and maybe I can't get things packed up right away.

Many of my items come from estates...  Yes, Paul and I have handled quite a few over the years.  We now have Dave (N2VUZ) and Charles (KS3Z) from the RF Hill club, also with estates.  As I'll explain on the Zoom, we are not looking to sell-off expensive radios and equipment.  Just estate items and similar equipment to make a few bucks for the local clubs is Bucks and Montgomery Counties.  (namely Penn Wireless and RF Hill)

Allan (W3AEH-SK) is the most recent; 
He died of Lou Gehrig's disease.  His widow Sarah wishes for the proceeds to be donated to the ALS Foundation.  Less the typical 10 percent to the radio clubs. 

Just something to keep in mind.

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I do not know if Zoom will allow us to do this on the "Freebee" account??  People and companies who sell on Zoom maybe required to purchase Zoom. 

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Hi Mark,
Is this limited to folks in the Delaware Valley area?  I’m from Western New York.  😊
Rick – w2rmt
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To all Hams in the Delaware Valley,
Paul (N3TMX) and I are now moving our "on the air" Swap Net over to Zoom.  I have obtained a no cost Zoom account limited to 40 minutes.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm on the First and Third Tuesday evenings of the month.  We have room for up to 100 participants - I am inviting hams from PWA, Warminster ARC, Packrats, Philadelphia Digital Radio, Phil-Mont, DVRA, Marc, Marple-Newtown, Reading RC and maybe a few more.  Dave (N2VUZ) is helping with the current estate and Charles (KS3Z) may have another estate for us to look at as well.
I ask everyone to take a full sheet of paper - 8-1/8 x 11 - and write your first name, call sign and either your email address or a phone number.  Please show it to us, when you display your equipment.  This will allow interested parties to contact you off the Zoom meeting.  Please remember we only have about an hour on the Freebee Zoom account.
I will go over the rules we have used for the PWA "on the air" Swap Net. 
1;  No more than 3 items per person / per night.  There's always next week to bring up 3 more.
1a; Estates may show up to 6 items per night.
2;  No up front costs.  If your item does sell ??  then the seller will make a donation to the club. 
3;  As per Fcc rules, no haggling price over the air.  Mention the asking price and haggle on the phone.
4;  Make up a quickie email listing your items for that week.  Nothing long and drawn out.  Just the 3 items and be prepared to send it to anyone who asks...  not only people on the PWA email list.
5;  No number 5, four is enough.
Mark  WA3QVU
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