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First thanks to everyone for participating. It was a banner year for WM3PEN with 10214 Contacts reported.  That’s over 2000 more than our previous high.


The number could have been higher had I received the DV logs in a more timely manner.


As an FYI the morning after the event I have to send our totals to the event manager, KU2US.  I would think that if the hf ops can report several hundred contacts in a day then reporting a few each day for an hour or two on the air would be a cinch.   Something to work on for next year.


The other big surprise is that GB13COL was not in any of the DV logs….I know you worked them.  We were fortunately enough to work them on HF but we figured they would be in the bag on  DV.


We’ve gotten almost 300 qsl card requests as of Friday. I’ve seen a few DSTAR and DMR cards come in so far. There are definitely several in EQSL.  I haven’t uploaded the logs yet but so far the are about 2000 EQSL requests waiting to be answered.


Again thanks for your help and participation in making the event a success.





Trustee WM3PEN


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