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The Philadelphia Digital Radio Association is an Amateur Radio Club dedicated to the advancement of Digital Modes including D-Star and APCO P25.

The Club has proudly set up the first UHF D-Star Repeater System in Philadelphia Pennsylvania operating on 445.18125-. This system project was launched April 1, 2007 and will be the focus of the club, when we will continue to build out a network of remote off-sites and link repeaters, and Gateway access to the D-Star network. This project has a large scope and requires funding from the amateur community. We offer individual memberships as well as family and club memberships. It is not the intention of PDRA to take members from other local clubs but rather to affiliate with them allowing members to share across platforms allowing for further experiences of our hobby. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel by putting up multiple duplicated technologies within the same coverage area.

PDRA meets on the first Non Holiday Monday evening of every month at the Community Ambulance Association of Ambler, 1414 E Butler Pike, Ambler PA 19002. PDRA offers food and camaraderie to the membership and guests that attend these meetings. It is the belief of the Board of Directors that fellowship is an important aspect to what we do.

Won’t you help us in making the K3PDR repeater system project the best it can be by joining today!

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