Operations: Switching between (passenger) trains

Chris Mawdsley

Hi fellow JMRI users!

I have a situation where a branchline passenger train (train 1) meets another passenger train (train 2), and they exchange cars.  At no time do any of the cars get delivered to a spur.

Train 1 consists of: a waycar for l.c.l. freight and express, an express boxcar to be added to train two, one additional express boxcar, and two coaches.

Train 2 has: an RPO, three express boxcars, and two coaches.

Train 1 waits at a junction for train 2 to arrive.  When it does, Train 2 uncouples the RPO and pulls it ahead.  Train 1 adds the express boxcar to the head end of train 2.  A yard engine pulls the rear coach off train 1 and adds it to the tail end of train 2.  The engine and RPO for train 2 back into the consist to reassemble the train, which now has: an RPO, four express boxcars, and three coaches.  Train 1 has a waycar, one express box and one coach. 

This is just one example.  There were plenty of similar situations to this in the postwar era, e.g. switching a dining car or RPO from one train to another, tacking sleeping cars on to the tail end et cetera.  Is there any way to get Operations Pro to print these instructions other than as comments?

Thanks in advance,

Dan Boudreau

Hi Chris,

The program today doesn't know how to transfer cars directly from one train to another.  The current implementation delivers a car from a train to a track, and from that track, pulls it into the next train.  The track can be any type, spur, yard, or interchange.  To do what you ask means the trains need to run on time to make a successful meet.  The code could be created, but it would involve a lot of work.



Chris Mawdsley

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply, and for confirming my understanding.

All the best!