Panel pro throttles


Is it possible to make the throttle window any smaller as it occupies a large portion of the screen without losing any of the content without scrolling.


Lionel Jeanson


smaller I don't know, but you can hide some of the windows inside. You can also have script to hide the menu and tool bar, and switch to "play" mode, which will hide all the inner windows decoration, doing so you can really reduce the required space for the window.

I just created a small Jython script to do so, a Jynstrument as I call them, it's there, download the 2 files, put them in a folder named "HideAll.jyn" , once done, simply drag'n drop the folder in your throttle window, a small button will appear, press, unpress, and voila, less decoration, less stuff inside, should allow you to get a few extra pixel².