Creeping locomotives (was Re: Digitrax DCS100 missing LocoNet packets

Ross Kudlick

'Creeping Locomotives' may be a manifestation of some erroneous wording in early (circa 1997) NMRA DCC standards.

IIRC, 'Emergency Stop' was described as 'the first speed step.' When the DCC working group was queried they confirmed their wording was 'correct.' The updated DCC Standards describe emergency stop as an immediate stop.

Since locomotives that had been 'emergency stopped' were actually at the 'first speed step' they often crept. I often coached people to follow any use of emergency stop by then turning the throttle to '0' to make sure the locomotive was stopped.

I don't know if later DCS100 firmware versions ever changed this. Later throttle models actually send a '0' speed command when emergency stop is used.



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Speed step 1 means Emergency Stop (i.e. Stop NOW and ignore deceleration settings).
Which dcc system / command station are you using?
Steve G.

On July 28, 2019 5:20:38 PM EDT, Bob Jacobsen <@BobJacobsen> wrote:
Could I ask some more info on these?

With the creeping locomotives, what kinds of decoders do they have?

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BUG alert - While I am talking about the Monitor Slots Window I have
noticed that the "Estop All" button sets the locos to a speed of 1 not
0. As a result they start creeping and eventually cause issues (shorts
at turnouts, collisions derailments etc).

Bob Jacobsen

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