Re: Servos, Ardunios, and JMRI #arduino

Robert Schworm

Geoff write a py script.  I assume you have one like it and made the edits as required.  Sounds like perhaps  your relay is not being driven thru the library with a PWM signal??  REally do not know what to say as I do not have this sitution running here.  But a responder mentioned looking at the signal and duration going to the relay coil.


On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 6:50 PM Geoffb <gbglacier@...> wrote:
Hi Bob,
Thanks for all those comments and pointers.
Since way more people are using these than I had imagined, I will try to incorporate these and test them with multiple
USB channels when I can pull everything together.

Much appreciated.
Have fun!  :-)
Best regards,
Geoff Bunza

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