Re: install JMRI on recently acquired Apple MacBook Pro with macOS Mojave

Dave Heap


On 23 Apr 2019, at 8:12 PM, Frank in Houston <@UPIT> wrote:

know they were installed because BOTH green lights on the LocoBuffer-Usb light up
That simply tells you the USB cables are plugged into to the computer. It doesn't tell you whether the installed drivers have loaded.

Installing refers only to installing the driver software on the computer's hard disc.

Loading the driver into computer RAM is something that has to happen every time you plug the LocoBuffer-USB in.

The two terms are not describing the same thing.

but the red light is always dark which means that the computer is not communicating with the DCS240..

Last night the MacBook Pro gave me a report that the JMRI was not from a recognized developer and would not open. I really do not know what to do now. Should I reinstall the (macOSMojave) software and reinstall it or is there others things I need to do to get?
That's normal for JMRI. You then have to go to System Preferences->Security and Privacy->General and you'll see a note about JMRI. Click on Open Anyway.

A similar warning is usually given when you have installed the FTDI drivers and plugged the LocoBuffer-USB in. You also have to allow that.

Apple has made it very hard to install and run non-Apple-provided software.

Dave in Australia

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