JMRI users guidelines


This group is set to "new members posts are moderated". This is because groups are increasingly getting spammed, usually by people who sign up a spurious account, send obnoxious email, and then depart.

If you join, and then don't send a post for a long while, you might be surprised when that first post doesn't show up. After all, you've waited a long time to have something important to say, and it just disappeared. That's because its waiting for a moderator to look at it, make sure it's not spam, and forward it. This can take a while if you happen to hit an interval between email checks.

Once you've said something reasonable, we take you off moderation status. Your posts will no longer be delayed beyond the usual internet randomness.

As the JMRI® suite is used worldwide, please be aware that we have list members for whom English may not be their native language.

Messages, Files and Photos

Messages in either plain text or HTML are permitted, but HTML emails will have any different fonts and colors removed. Any attachments will, however, be stripped from messages. Please upload any relevant files to the Files section.

Please sign messages with your name as it makes the group friendlier and much easier to follow messages. Nicknames or Handles are fine, just try to stay consistent.

Any pictures that you wish to share should be uploaded to the Photos section. Large photos will be resized to a maximum size of 2048x2048 pixels.

Archives of messages are publicly visible, but email addresses are hidden within the online archive.

Files and Photos are only visible to group members.

There are limits for the amount of Photos and Files that can be stored. As a result, old Photos and Files may be removed from the archive to keep within these limits.

Trimming Posts

Please do not quote the entire message when you are responding to someone. Give enough information for reference. Use some form of notation such as "<snip>" to indicate deleted parts if you feel the need.

This is especially important to those getting the digest version of this list. It is incredibly frustrating to have to scroll through page after page of quoted text, only to see a single line reply.

Permitted topics

This group is a discussion group of the technical aspect of the JMRI® model railroad software suite, and is intended to be a place that people, particularly beginners, can turn to for help with their problems from more experienced users. SPAM of any kind, politics, legal issues, and other off-topic matters should NOT be posted to the list and will be subject to deletion by the moderators, as will any responses to such off-topic matters. New members still on moderated status will find that off-topic posts will not be approved for posting, and old members making such posts may find themselves back on moderated status.

Whilst we understand that topics can drift sometimes, please make every effort to stay on-topic. If you have a new question, please start a new topic.


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