September Regular Club Meeting Minutes

Richard Arnold

Jackson County Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes, 8/10/19                       

Brad Arnold, K4NHA called the meeting to order.

Richard Arnold, KB4RMA gave the Treasurer’s report for August


Donations - $41.00

Shirt money - $38.00

Radio 10 pack - $212.75

ARRL Testing Fees associated with CERT training - $40.00

Current balance-$3540.35

K4NHA demonstrated the new Echolink setup on the 90 repeater that is currentyl operating through KK4UWF’s Allstar node from his home.

BenLowe explained about the DStar app for Smartphones (Peanut) and gave a demonstration by talking to a ham in the UK across his Smartphone.

John Hilliard (K4JCH) donated an MFJ prize pack consisting of a coffee cup, short PL259 jumper and a pack of coax seal for give-a-way and new member George Patides was the lucky winner.

Ben Lowe then led a lively discussion of changes in the license classes and structure over the years followed by a short presentation and explanation of his latest antenna build out for his 1296 gHz Moonbounce system.

K4NHA discussed the recent CERT training class and the addition of 4 new hams to the radio ranks.

Byron Lauderdale then started a discussion of how we could get in the schools to demonstrate ham radio to the students.

K4NHA called for a motion to adjourn, a motion was made, seconded and carried.

Members present this month were:

Brad Arnold, K4NHA

Richard Arnold, KB4RMA

Brad Ivey. KK4UWF

Byron Lauderdale, KN4QVD

Ben Lowe, K4QF

Patrick Clifford, KN4BRG

Tanya Sparkman, KA4TLH

Mark Pierson, KN4JXL

George Patides, KN4IEE

John Hilliard, K4JCH

Janet Lauderdale, KN4WZU

Guests this month were:

Gloria Arnold

Marlee Ivey

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Richard Arnold - KB4RMA
Emergency Coordinator
Jackson County ARES/RACES
Jackson County Amateur Radio club