October Regular Club Meeting Minutes

Richard Arnold

Jackson County Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes, 10/12/19                       

Really late meeting minutes this time! I just got sidetracked and totally forgot to send them out. Brad Arnold, K4NHA called the meeting to order.

Richard Arnold, KB4RMA gave the Treasurer’s report for September


Donations - $120.00

Dues - $12.00
Current balance-$3672.35

K4NHA called the meeting to order.
Introduction of members and guests.

K4NHA told the assembled members about the new (to us) EMA/ARES/CERT Mobile Command Post/Communications trailer secured by Felix Jackson for the use of all 3 groups and the club for events such as Field Day, WinterField Day, etc.

K4NHA told of improvements and repairs made to the trailer by KB4RMA.

K4NHA then asked the assembled members to commit to up to $500.00 to be used for improvements and further repairs. After much discussion a motion was made, seconded and passed.

KK4UWF and K4NHA then described an Allstar node and the operation of such.

KK4UWF informed the group that the 90 was now active on Echolink it is listed as K$SCO-R.

John Grider, KF4HAB then asked the group for opinions on a good HF radio which brought on an active discussion of the various radios available, and their advantages and disadvantages.
(I’m pretty sure he left the meeting totally confused) :-)

Ben Lowe then told of microwave operations at 10gHz and of 10M operations from years past.

K4NHA called for a motion to adjourn, a motion was made, seconded and carried.

After the meeting was Adjourned Ron alley tested and passed his Technician exam.

Members present this month were:

Brad Arnold, K4NHA

Richard Arnold, KB4RMA

Brad Ivey. KK4UWF

Byron Lauderdale, KN4QVD

Ben Lowe, K4QF

John Grider, KF4HAB

Mark Pierson, KN4JXL

Jerry Rossano, N4JR

Jim Clifford, NK3V

Janet Lauderdale, KN4WZU

Mel Bartlett, KD4PID

Guests this month were:

Ron Alley - tested

Marlee Ivey

Donna Grider

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Richard Arnold - KB4RMA
Emergency Coordinator
Jackson County ARES/RACES
Jackson County Amateur Radio club