November Regular Club Meeting Minutes

Richard Arnold

Jackson County Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes, 11/9/19                       

Brad Arnold, K4NHA called the meeting to order.

Richard Arnold, KB4RMA gave the Treasurer’s report for September


Donations - $20.00

Current balance-$3692.35

K4NHA called the meeting to order.
Introduction of members and guests.

KB4RMA gave the Treasurer’s Report for October:






K4NHA announced that the club had received a donation in memory of Bob Hayes in the amount of $125.00 from Chris and Jeff Lord, Co-workers of Bob’s Daughter Lisa.

K4NHA announced the passing of EMA Director, Felix Jackson and mentioned the EMCOMM trailer that Felix had recently acquired for use by the EMA, the radio club, ARES and CERT.

Patrick Gifford also contributed that Felix had acquired two portable hospital tents and K4NHA told of the new storm shelters that Felix had secured a grant for.

K4NHA also announced that Paul Smith, K4FUZ had been appointed as EMA Director and that the EMA. EOC has been renamed The Felix L. Jackson Emergency Operations Center and that the EMCOMM trailer we are currently working on will also be named after Felix.

K4NHA told of the Felix Jackson spirit Night held at Jefferson’s where they donated a portion of all monies from all meals to the Felix L. Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund and raised over $1000.00 for the fund.

KB4RMA made a motion that the club donate $100.00 to the fund which received a second and was approved by all present.

Ron Ricker with KONA Ice told of his fundraiser that raised over $600.00 for the scholarship fund.

KB4RMA gave a progress report on the EMCOMM trailer which so far has been none due to sickness, weather and Felix’s untimely passing.

The trailer for now (and hopefully permanently) will be stored at KB4RMA’s house in his side yard for renovation and ease of access if it is ever needed for an emergency deployment.

K4NHA announced the Christmas Parade on December 14 and the schedule to assemble the club float at his I.T. building at EPCOT.

K4JCH announced COMEX communications exercise for HF operators on 60M that was taking place through November 17th.

KK4UWF then gave a presentation and demonstration on Hotspots for use with DMR repeaters and his TYT DMR radio which generated much discussion.

K4NHA demonstrated his SDR (Software Defined Radio) module for the group and explained how they work which also generated much discussion as well.

K4QF then told of working meteor scatter which also generated much discussion.

K4NHA called for a motion to adjourn, a motion was made, seconded and carried.

Members present this month were:

Brad Arnold, K4NHA

Richard Arnold, KB4RMA

Brad Ivey. KK4UWF

Byron Lauderdale, KN4QVD

Patrick Gifford, KN4BRG

Mel Bartlett, KD4PID

Jeremy Rowe, KN4KYY

Bill Patides, KN4WZV

George Patides, KN4IEE

Craig Compton, K4XR

John Hilliard, K4JCH

Ben Lowe, K4QF

Christine Harger, NM4C

John Grider, KF4HAB

Tommy Upton, KF4HAC

Janet Lauderdale, KN4WZU

Ron ricker, W4RON

Ron Alley, KN4ZUV

Veronica Woodall, KN4WZT

Guests this month were:

Jason Michell, KG4SSJ

Marlee Ivey

Gloria Arnold

Brittany Rowe

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Richard Arnold - KB4RMA
Emergency Coordinator
Jackson County ARES/RACES
Jackson County Amateur Radio club