December Regular Club Meeting minutes.

Richard Arnold

No Lollygagging and Dilly Dallying with the minutes this month.

There was no real club business to conduct this month so the minutes are brief.

For those members that missed participating in or seeing the parade, I have attached some pictures of the gang and the parade.

I would like to give a special shout out to everyone that rode with us this year, a good time was had by all.
Brad Arnold, K4NHA driving the R6 truck graciously provided by the EMA.
Richard Arnold, KB4RMA and John Hilliard, K4JCH on the radios.
The official candy tossers were: Gloria Arnold, George Patides, KN4IIE, Btron Lauderdale, KN4QVD, Jant Lauderdale, KN4WZU, Danielle Fuller, KN4SDJ and Mel Bartlett, KD4PID.
(We're sorry that Tanya Sparkman, KA4TLH fell ill and was not able to ride, get well soonTanya)

A surprise entry was our New Deputy EMA Director Joshua Whitcomb and his EMS partner Matthew West driving the EMA 4x4.

Probably due to the mild temperatures, the public turnout this year was huge.

Also, The Felix Jackson Family Tree was the Public's Choice for the winner of the Christmas Tree competition on the square this year.

Don't forget, club officer elections and dues collection at the January meeting, hope to see you all there and wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone.

The minutes:

Jackson County Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes, 12/14/19                       

K4NHA called the meeting to order.                                

K4NHA called for introductions

KB4RMA gave the Treasurer’s report for September


Dues - $12.00

Donations - $41.00

Donations - $125.00

Sanding Supplies - $28.91

Felix Jackson Scholarship - $100.00
Current balance-$3721.44

KB4RMA gave a progress report on the EMCOMM trailer - Workstations are 30% complete. Framed and Birch tops cut and ready for sanding work. Brad Ivey, KK4UWF donated 3 sheets of birch plywood for the workstation tops.

K4NHA announced new Deputy EMA Director, Joshua Whitcomb.

Final reminder about Christmas Parade at 5:00PM.

Ben Lowe has a Yaesu FT-827ND for sale for $450.00.

General discussion and tales of past radio operation and parade experiences from the group.

Dayton Hamfest discussion.

K4NHA asked everyone to try to access the 444.250 repeater (PL123) and see if they can use it.

K4NHA called for a motion to adjourn, a motion was made, seconded and carried.

Members present this month were:

Brad Arnold, K4NHA

Richard Arnold, KB4RMA

Mel Bartlett, KD4PID

Bill Patides, KN4WZV

George Patides, KN4IIE

John Hilliard, K4JCH

Ben Lowe, K4QF

Christine Harger, NM4C

John Grider, KF4HAB

Mark Pierson KN4JXL

Jerry Rossano N4JR

Guests this month were: None

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The parade pictures:

Richard Arnold - KB4RMA
Emergency Coordinator
Jackson County ARES/RACES
Jackson County Amateur Radio club