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Hello! and welcome to the jaws mailing list, on groups.io! the rules are as follows! 1. no profanity, whatsoever! 2. no bashing of freedom scientific! if you have a problem with them, then you take it up with them! 3. My previous co owner, Michael Capelle, has been fired, because of his conduct twards me over our lists! second of all, he started this argument between me and Raymond, therefore? I was scared of him!  4. if you know that a message is off topic? Then don't post it! because you'll clutter my lists with unnecessary traffic. 5. if someone posts a message, and you don't know the answer? Don't post a message saying you don't know, because you'll clutter my list with unnecessary traffic.
6. Raymond Lombardi, is my new co owner! therefore? Devotions are allowed to be posted on this list, because my lists, belong to Raymond, as well as me!because he's my co owner. So if you's want devotions to be discontinued, then you's better, be polite! whitch means, you come to me, nor him, privately, off list! because if you's embarrass him on either of my lists,  there's gonna be a consequence!I'm Bob Edenhofer, and I'm the head owner of this list!

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