virtual cursor breakage?



I was gonna put this on the Vistero support email, but I got sidetracked
by Thunderbird being very sluggish, long story. Anyway, part of my
attempt to speed it back up had me deleting mails from here and then I
got the idea to post my question here instead and see if anyone knows
anything first.

So I've been using Edge Canary some here. I always set my default
browser as my first thing on my task bar so windows key+1 opens it.
Given that I put Edge Canary there instead of Chrome for a while, this
means that I'm always launching Edge now when I just want to look up

I do, however, have to use Chrome when I browse Amazon, because Amazon
is stuck on the accessibility site when I use Edge to browse it. I
enabled that there on purpose, but now it keeps ignoring my attempt to
go back to the full site. Search results and such are actually showing
entirely different results with exact same searches as I get with Chrome
which is still getting the full site.

But this actually isn't my question. What is, is anyone else having the
virtual cursor not work lately? The only thing that seems problem free
are the previous Edge html, and the firefox web rendering engine, as
seen in Thunderbird, appears unaffected. Both edge Canary and Chrome are
frequently showing blank pages, and the only fix I've found so far is a
JAWS restart.

In the past I haven't been having trouble with this. In fact a JAWS
update recently that said it fixed issues with this, didn't fix it for
me, because I wasn't having the problem anyway. But now I am. I wonder
if it's Edge causing it? I installed Edge pretty much as soon as
Microsoft made it publicly available, and I do feel like that's about
the time I started having blank virtual buffers showing up.

I guess I should maybe set windows+1 back to Chrome for now and see if
never launching Edge Canary is fixing the problem or not.

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