thunderbird problem with jaws and work around

Lenny McHugh <LennyMcHugh@...>

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From: Lenny McHugh

To: Vispero Technical Support

Subject: jaws problem with thunderbird
Using the latest thunderbird and latest jaws 19 When in an open thunderbird message I want to add the sender to my address book. I land on a button to
add the sender and jaws reads use space bar to activate.
When I do this nothing happens. I even tried to use enter with the same result.


Thank you for contacting Vispero™ Technical Support.

The issue you described has been tested with multiple screen readers, and can be duplicated with all of them.

Below are instructions for adding contacts to the address book.
A.  Tab to the add to address book button.
B.  Press your applications key (or shift+F10.and choose "add to address book.
C.  the "add to address book" button changes to "edit contact," after a contact has been added.



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