jaws with older programs like decTalk speak-windows

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>

Hi again,

I tried an experiment. I wanted to see if the jaws touch cursor worked with the old decTalk for windows95 speak window demo application. Well it partially works. I can control the rate, but selecting voices is a problem. So the best method for using such old programs is to turn the accessibility driver to on, in miscellaneous in your default jaws configuration file or make a new jaws configuration for the old program and in that configuration make sure the accessibility driver is turned on, that way jaws can see the graphics with the jaws cursor and therefore they can be labeled if you wish. So, no, I do not recommend the jaws touch cursor for the old decTalk speak window applications. The legacy accessibility driver works best. Now if we could have DecTalk access32, softVoice tts, and Orpheus with a jaws sam driver that would be excellent.





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