Jaws, MS Teams and BT headsets

Peter Logan

Where I work we are moving to use MS Teams in place of actual phones for calling.


Does anyone have recommendations for wireless headsets that work with both?  I currently use Apple Beats X, but in order to get this to work properly I have to use the microphone from my laptop and not the headset.  This is the only way I have been able to configure it to work.  If I try to use the microphone from the headset, then while on a call I no longer have any feedback from Jaws.  If I leave the mike set to the laptop, well Jaws then continues to work while on the call.


I have tried a Logitech wireless headset that uses the Logitech dongle, and that seems to work without issues, but they are only comfortable for a little bit, which won’t work.


Looking for any recommendations from those who may have already gone down this path and found something that works.  Just as a side note, wired headsets work fine, but I don’t want that.


Thanks in advance …