Jaws and Word 13 Really Weird Issue


Morning all.
Using Jaws 2018, MS Word 13 and Windows 10 on a Dell laptop, I experienced a really weird issue.
As per the posts on creating addresses for labels, I wanted to test the theory outs. So, I took a blank document, typed in the return address, went down a few lines, typed the destination address, then pressed alt m. This brought up the mailings tab. I went down to envelopes and pressed enter. Jaws stopped speaking, and word shut down.
So, I reopened Word, went through the process again, JAWS stopped talking for a few minutes, and then jaws came up stating JAWS was installing. So, I let it go through its process, and after a few minutes of nonaction, I shut down my laptop. Then I restarted it, and everything is as it was before the start of this merry-go-round. Any ideas/suggestions as to why this is? Again, really weird.