Chrome Settings for Notifications, Moderators Note

Mike B <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Glenn,
That is not any new member named, Dominic!  That is, Joseph, and he used a new email address to subscribe as Dominic.  He's been busted and if this email address isn't banned as of yet, it will be.
He's the one, as you well know, that started all that B S about FS and bankruptcy!  I and several others checked the source of his information and noone found any information regarding what he posted. Therefore, total, B S!  Joseph's email address was then banned and he has been caught trying to subscribe using a different email address.
Mike B, List Moderator.

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Thanks Mike,
Dominic is on the list, so although his messages aren't getting there, he should get this.

From: Mike B
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Hi Glenn,
I couldn't expand the Advanced collapsed heading level 2 where Notifications is located using Jaws2019, but I could open the Advanced using J18 and J2018.
To access the Advanced collapsed folder:
1. Open Chrome, press, Alt + F, then the letter, S, to open settings.
2. Navigate by heading using the letter, H, until you hear, Advanced ... collapsed, and press enter or spacebar.
3. Now navigate by heading again until you hear, Advanced ... expanded, and down arrow to find the settings you want.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
I believe that everything happens for a reason. Usually, the reason is that somebody screwed up.
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Subject: [jaws-users] Chrome Settings for Notifications

A friend is having trouble sending messages to the list for some reason, so I'm posting his question.
He went to Send Space and he has started getting pop-up ads on his computer, and this happens as long as Chrome is open, or even after it's closed, unless he goes into task manager and closes all instances of Chrome there, or reboots.
I had this problem and I found notifications in Chrome settings under advanced, and I tried to help him find it and I could not find it, on his computer or on mine.
It was in mine, because I had to go into notifications to turn it off, or block ads from coming up on that site.
Either I forgot where I found it, or Google has updated Chrome to not have a notifications option.
Can anyone give the levels in Chrome settings to block ads from certain sites?