ATTN Lary, what's your email? Re: [jaws-users] Did I get any noise on my question about blank virtual buffers recently?


Larry Gassman, care to tell me what your email is? I want to try to help with the blank virtual buffers if you're still looking for data. I found your message about it on the site itself, but I'm not logged into with this email address, so it's not showing me what your email is, at least not in any way that I know how to get, and I've already cleared out this folder from Thunderbird trying to stop it being so sluggish.

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Hi all.

I screwed up and was deleting messages at about 5 in the morning here, I think I deleted some emails I shouldn't have. Does anyone know if I missed any responses with my virtual buffer going blank question? Maybe I can figure out how to do the list Archive thing too, I'll try that too.