ADMIN: Posting Requirements for this List

Rick Justice <ricjustice@...>

All members,
There are social media outlets for patting each other on the back
about life accomplishments and the like,
however, this list is not one such place!
If you don't like the rules of this list, or following them, then it is time
to change your subscription status or have it changed for you!
This list is for the benefit of everyone, not the chosen few who think they
are above the rules!
I get tired of hearing the same people complaining!
this is a e-mail list, and nothing more,, so ask a question, and move on,
or answer a question and move on
but stop the whining!

If you can't take the time to do it right, then do it elsewhere!
Anyone who has something to say about this message should send it to the
owner list, if responses show up on-list, offenders will be removed!

Richard Q. Justice-list moderator