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There is just something about the subject line as it was that bothered me. The messages are fine so carry on folks.

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Use the Windows key to enter the search field, then type “updates”. The first option that appears for me is “Check for Updates” in System Settings, which is what you want.


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I know this is a silly question. How do I check for updates and cause the question to come up? I do not think I am getting updates. I have Windows 10.


Susie Stanzel


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I appreciate the discussion on this. I have an HP desktop PC, Windows 10 version 1903, latest JAWS. When I have updates available, I am given an option either to update and restart or update and shut down. Thus, I know when they are coming. The minor updates seem to take very little time to accomplish. When the major update of 1903 was presented, the update and restart option did not work initially. I went to check my updates and was presented the option to restart now or to schedule the restart later. I didn’t do this the first time because I was scared. After writing this list and receiving encouragement from you guys, with fear and trepidation, I restarted the PC from the Check for Updates screen. I went to another room and waited. About 20minutes later, the PC began talking again. Upon checking things out, it was just fine.


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Hi Orlando,


That's what I thought.  Thank you very much for the verification.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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Hi Mike,

>while the computer is updating the
>sound drivers might not be loded so neither Narrator or Jaws will be heard.
>Once your update has finished I would think the sound would return and
>whatever screen reader you had running at the time will start talking.
If there are no sound card drivers to be run in safe mode, WNarrator
doesn't speak and no screen reader can speak either. But if any
installed sound card drivers work during safe mode, Windows will use
those to run Narrator. I have a USB sound card and another built into
thee motherboard. In safe mode and while updating, Narrator only uses
the motherboard sound card because the USB interface needs Windows to
run. But on my laptop, my internal sound card doesn't load at all in
safe mode. Nonetheleess, when I'm updating Windows, Narrator manages
to get hold of this internal sound card in order to speak. I'm not
sure why this doesn't happen in safe mode, which is where I would
need Narrator most. As it stands, I can't use safe mode on my laptop
without sighted assistance. But all my installed screen readers work
in safe mode on my desktop.

Orlando Enrique Fiol

David Ferrin
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