long delay in JAWS reading Directory structure when saving or sending files


Hi. I’m using W-10 and the latest JAWS. I’m having this really annoying problem that didn’t happen in Windows-7. When I’m in outlook or Word, each time I want to send or save a file, it takes perhaps 30 seconds for JaWS to read the directories.

For example: This morning I wanted to save a copy of my morning’s Washington Post sent to me from NFB in an e-mail. In outlook, when I’m on the message, I go to file and save attachments and press enter twice (to save the attachments and save all attachments). Then I wait. And wait. My expected behavior is to shift-tab back to see the directories so I can select the correct directory to save the files. But JAWS doesn’t read anything; it is silent. After about 20-30 seconds, I can finally hear the directories, pick one and save the files.

This happens when I try to send  a file or save a file in Word. What’s going on? Why is there this delay?

And how can I stop it?

It’s driving me crazy!

Thanks. John Riehl