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No, this list does not allow attachments.
It would be best if you went to the website mentioned.

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Hi can you send a sample of the new Evan voice to the list so we can
hear what it sounds like.

When i looked at the voices I didn't see A Evan voice in the US English

On 7/26/2019 7:51 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
go to <> and under the screen
reader voices section download a 7 day trial of vocalizer sapi5
voices, install and run the 7 day trial. reload jaws. then choose
sapi5 and the vocalizer voices you installed will appear there. they
also work with narrator on windows10. When you pay the $115 for your
license, you get full access to all voices and all languages, install
and uninstall as many or as few voices as you wish at any time using
the vocalizer voice manager that gets installed when you install the 7
day trial.