update on my JAWS locking up on update

Vicki W

Well, I figured it out and below are the things I did. First, Just in case anyone is told what I was told, let me asure you that when you set up a second account on Windows 10, it is not by default set up as an administrator. I was told it was and not to worry about it. That was the entire problem.
After a lot of Googling, below is what I did to first, access the original account with administrator rights without a login screen and then change my personal account to have those rights. Once I did this, I had access to everything and the update took about 1 minute.
Below are the things I did in case anyone ever has this issue. Thank you to everyone for the help. I learned a lot.
Switching Users without login screen:
Switch user via the Shut Down Windows dialog.
Open the Shut Down Windows dialog by Alt+F4.
Press the up arrow.
Choose Switch user in the list and hit OK.
You should then be in a login screen where you can switch by selecting the user and chhoosing sign in.
Changing Account Status
Using Group Policy
Note: This will not work in Home editions of Windows 10.
1. Access the Search Box with the windows key.
2. Type in group policy and press enter.
3. Navigate to the following:
• Local Computer Configuration
• Windows Settings
• Security Settings
• Local Policies
• Security Options
• Accounts: Administrator Account Status
4. Enable or Disable the setting as desired.
Once you have set the standard account to administrator, you can switch back to the previous account and then restart the computer.
How to tell if the account you're using is an Administrator or not:
• Click on the Start button, the Start Menu will pop up.
• Right-click  the name (or icon, depending on the version Windows 10) of the current account, located at the
top left part of the Start Menu, then click
on Change account settings .
• The Settings window will pop up and under the name of the account if you see the word "Administrator" then it
is an Administrator account.
Now if you're indeed using an Administrator account and you want to switch another account between Standard and
Administrator (you can't change an account
you're currently logged into), continue with these steps on the Settings window (these options are not
available if you're using a Standard account):

• Click on Other users (or Family & other people , if you're running the latest version of Windows 10)
• Click on the name of an account that you want to change
• Click on Change account type  and pick the type you want.
• Click OK.