JAWS keeps stopping during "say all"

Adrian Spratt

Windows 10, Office 2016, IE11 and Chrome. Can anyone suggest why JAWS stops after each sentence when I have “say all” set to sentence or after a line or two when I have “say all” set to “line without pauses”?

This problem has been building up all week, beginning with JAWS stopping reading by character and word in MS Word 2016 after a period of time and also preventing me from setting up replies to email. These problems I could overcome by closing the relevant program and JAWS and reopening them, but I was having to do so with increasing frequency.

I spoke to VFO tech support several times yesterday. In fact, the “say all” problem began only after they looked at my system. However, as far as I can tell, all they did was disable certain programs that they were right to stop running in the background.

“Say all” now malfunctions in the same way in MS Word, IE11, Chrome and Outlook messages.

I constantly refresh with JAWS key+escape.

I’ve done two JAWS repairs.

I have 16 gigs of RAM. My system is new as of last Friday.

My tech expert will be available in half an hour and then not for the rest of the weekend. However, he isn’t a JAWS expert.

I’d appreciate any pointers you could give me or that I could give him.