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chris judge

I do have the correct version. All the other hotkeys work, I can do insert
space, followed by y S to get to the skype window. I can use the new hotkeys
to answer and hang up a call the only one that doesn't work is insert f8.

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Hi all,
Some on this list, including me could not see the tool bars in skype.
I did see them in outlook.
I asked Eric about it today.
We had just finished going over this key stroke and a few more for the next
FSCast due out later in May.
Eric wrote:'
There is either 1 of two things going on here.
1. The scripts aren't working (but they are fine for me).
2. You are not running the Skype Desktop Application.

I suspect that for everyone where the INSERT Space, Y, S does not bring your
focus to that Skype application window, you are not using the Desktop
Application. There is also a Skype App from the Store and there is Skype For
Business. Those will not work.

When I open my Start menu, and type Skype, then read the item in the Start
Menu you land on, it should be "Skype Desktop App" Otherwise, you are not
getting the right one.


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