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Larry Volk

What version of outlook is he running? Also, there is a quicker way to get to enu from the jaws screen itself: jaws key+u then x (for explore my jaws settings) then arrow down to explore my settings and just copy the old files there. At least this has worked for me.




From: [] On Behalf Of david
Sent: May 2, 2019 8:40 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] Jaws autocomplete;


A friend of mine just upgraded from jaws 2018 to jaws 2019, using the version which was just released.

while in outlook the autocomplete is not working.

can I move the configNames.ini from the jaws 2018 to the jaws 2019 in the

C:\Users\User Name \AppData\Roaming\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2019\Settings\enu


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