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Hi John. Welcome to the list and all that.


The ESR just stays behind the current regular release by a year, while keeping security updates. That means that anything that was broken when the ESR came out will probably not get fixed for another year, whereas Mozilla will attempt to apply a fix to some problem that’s discovered as soon as they can on the regular version. Of course, there’s no guarantee that a regular version firefox update won’t break something else, but generally, unless there’s a reason to stay on the ESR branch, like, I don’t know, difficulty in applying all updates at once to a network where the computers all have different requirements, I wouldn’t really stick to it. The reason a lot of people switched to it after firefox 57 came out was that at that time the ESR was still at version 52, and JAWS didn’t yet work with the new model of Firefox that began with 57. Now that Firefox ESR is at version 60 and has been for quite a while now … I personally don’t see any point in sticking with that branch. Anyone with a JAWS version older than 2018 is pretty much out of luck and won’t be able to use Firefox at all, unless they stop all updates from happening … not such a smart thing for security reasons.


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 Thanks to everyone who answered my Firefox question… Unbelievably, I have not tried the latest full version of Firefox, and that actually may be a solution. The things that were wrong with it or year ago and a little bit more than a year ago may have been fixed… You’re quite right.

I will download a copy and see if it fixes this major problem for me and if it does that’s a very good solution. I felt tied to the ESR because the person who told me about it says it  fixed many other jaws problems too and I just took her word on that.

I had very bad luck with chrome about a year ago and more but I have to admit it was with earlier versions of windows like seven and even earlier XP. It’s funny how one gets a bad taste in their mouth on any particular app, and it takes a while for us to try it over again. I was slow learners that is. 

I will always keep trying chrome, but as I said I specifically called the Google folks about for five weeks ago to see if one particular problem could be fixed… I believe it was with Facebook, and they said no not at this time but that they were working on it.

So again I went back to Firefox and then have the problem with one drive.

This list by the way is so helpful, I am very happy to a found it…  about 15 years ago or more actually I was on the  jaws scripting list for quite a while and had been doing a reasonable amount of scripting to fix small problems, but since then I am retired, and all I do now is make music, record, and have fun. Sometimes it’s fun to program, and that includes  jaws Script thing… But on the whole  The stairs I am much preferring canned and ready to go, fully working programs.

But seriously, thank you for such a nice and well mannered list… Helpful, friendly people are always so nice to come up on.




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Oh my, and I was going to give you my vote.


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no one is perfect.


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Your message is perfectly fine for this list. The subject line needs work, but you will get the hang of things in the fullness of time.


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I spent hours trying to debug a simple problem the other day and finally determined that though it absolutely appeared to be a JAWS 2019 problem, it was not.  Instead it turns out to be a Firefox problem… and for me… a serious one.

I have been told over long struggles with every other browser that the Firefox ESR (Extended Service Release) version is pretty much the only browser that takes the best application prize for working with JAWS.  I even once called the special technical help offered by Be My Eyes that lets you talk directly to a Google tech rep about their products, and she told me that the Chrome browser was still being worked on for better accessibility with screen readers, especially JAWS, so for the time being please use the lates version of Firefos ESR… so I do.

It is the latest version 60.1.xx I forget exactly right now, but there are no more available updates for it.

The problem: When I go to the Microsoft site, and choose the “sign-in” link from the links list, Firefox completely crashes out. 

Obviously, I have tried the same thing with Chrome and even IE (all on Windows 10 by the way) and they work perfectly. I have had a sighted person try it without JAWS and all work the same way without the screen reader running. Firefox crashes out at that point, the others don’t.

So, after being so wordy about the problem, my question is… does anyone know an email address for this type of bug report that will actually get close to people who may actually care about fixing the problem, and then do it?  There are dozens of FEEDBACK options and lots of community groups and I suppose lists… all of which are very daunting to me. It feels a lot like I woulde be calling France and asking if anyone there has seen my friend Susan who visiting some city there.  It’s the calling France part that is daunting.

Yes, I can switch to another browser just to get to my cloud based files… but that is just plain annoying.

I have not bothered the Be My Eyes Microsoft tech team with this problem, because, well, it isn’t their problem of course, and they are so fantastic about all the other amazing support they do, they don’t deserve misdirected bugs.

All in all, the Firefox browser has allowed me to function in many instances where the others do not, so I want to submit this bug report to the right place… I just don’t have the wherewithal to join that vast community and labor through the intense traffic it would throw at me just to learn where to direct my bug report.

Do any of you know of the best way to get this matter looked at?

Thank you… and I promise never to be this wordy again…


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David Ferrin
Marriage is the process of finding out what kind of man your wife would have preferred.

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