Re: gold wave scripts and questions.

JM Casey

Ok, I will keep this in mind and makea list.

I don't know about the scripts -- they are not *necessary* for using Goldwave but they do help. When you say you think Goldwave has become less popular, do you mean there is an alternative that's taken its place? Reaper seems great but it is a multi-track editor and a much more complex piece of software with a steeper learning curve and lots of capabilities the average user would never take advantage of. Not sure about Soundforge but I believe it is a good deal more expensive and possibly less accessible?

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Just my 2 cents, I was and is currently a part of goldwave scripting team, please compile your issues and mail me on, and Perhaps after may end, I shall start working on them again. I agree they have not been updated for a very long time, but I myself thaught that they have and goldwave as well become less popular.
Thank you, Jitendra.

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Ah, good point. It does say "test version' -- I missed that.

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Actually, the 6.37 version is a beta version.

We're actually still at 6.36. Thought I should put it out there lest
there be any bugs with the 6.37 version one installs.


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The latest version of goldwave can always be obtained from If you look at the page there, you will see
that the latest version is v6.37

As for the script, I don't totally know; they are not updated nearly
as often as GW and don't always function 100% as they claim they
should, at least for me, , but they're still useful to have to to the
increased feedback they can provide. The latest version I found claims
to be for "versions 5 and 6" of GW.

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Subject: [jaws-users] gold wave scripts and questions.

Does anyone have the scripts for gold wave? And, what is the latest
version of gold wave?


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