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JM Casey

Interesting. Had no idea there were scripts. I suppose they might be useful; I will take a look, as I do have an interest in this player and, while I kind of love Winamp even today, Foobar's pretty great, too.

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My 2 cents again, there some JAWS scripts for this player from the same person who wrote scripts for winamp, Andrew hart.
I don't have a url now, please search the google.

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I have it.

"works better" is a totally subjective assessment.

I will say that it's a very good player and, unlike winamp, still
updated, though infrequently. It also, like winamp, doesn't take
advantage of Wasapi audio standard that has been a part of windows since, uh, I think Vista.

It's not something I would recommend for everyone; it is completely
operable from the keyboard but, here's the catch/thing that some will
find unbelievable, others will find really cool, and the rest will
just say, "I don't have time for this stuff"-you have to define all
your own keyboard commands. So it takes a while to set up, and you
will probably have to experiment a bit before you have everything to
your liking. You can set global keys so that you can control the
player from any window, but you have to be very careful not to cause
any conflict with keyboard commands from other programmes.

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A friend told me about this:

He said it works better with a screenreader than WinAmp.


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