continuing problem with addresses and Outlook-2019


Hi, folks. Here’s my problem.

I have windows-10, Outlook-2019 and latest JAWS. When I go into Outlook and enter part of a name in an e-mail message (to, cc bcc fields), visually on the screen there’s a list of suggestions. JAWS does not read anything that’s in the edit box except what I’ve typed. For example, if I type the letter L, the screen displays a list of possibilities beginning with L. JAWS reads Edit S, with no names. If I tab over, JAWS will read a name, but it’s the name I’ve selected by arrowing down. For example, if I arrow down three times while in the edit box, JAWs won’t read the names but twill read the third name down if I tab once.

Clearly this is a JAWS issue. What’s going on and how can I fix it?


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