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JM Casey

Yes, I think so. Sorry ‘bout that. It’s faster to get to with ctrl-h; the other way you have to press a button as well.



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Does control + H still work for find and replace?


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Hey Kimsan.


You should be able to do this using find and replace.

It’s been a long time so I looked it up just to be sure, but if this doesn’t work, I think there is another more complicated way to do it with a macro. Let’s hope this works though.


Press ctrl-f and then the search button to get a list of options. GO to find and replace. In the search box type “^g” without the quotes. Put nothing in the “replace” box. Press “replace all”.


I noticed there’s also a “graphics” option in the menu that appears when you hit the “search” button, but I can’t think of a Word document to test it on at the moment to see if it works or what it does.


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I’m working with a document that have several images. How can I delete them all quickly using jaws 2019 windows 10 latest.




Kimsan Song



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