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Ok, so I don’t know if you mistyped or if it wasn’t clear when I wrote it/your screen-reader didn’t say, but you definitely have to include the ^ symbol before the g.

I’m thinking though that you did and so everything’s ok, and all the “g”s in your document haven’t been erased. Haha


It’s been a long while since I had to work with images in Word, so I don’t want to steer you wrong; maybe Anne or someone else can chime in.

But, I’m not  100% sure that all images are necessarily classified as “objects” within your word document.

How many images do you thinkt he document contained before you started removing them?



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Hi jm,


I did that by pressing CTRL h, typed in “g” without the quotes, tab and left it blank and then clicked replace all. It said it removed 18 items.

Here is where I’m confused, when I did CTRL shift o, as Ann suggested, it said I have two objects, so I followed her steps and got rid of those, so my question is what is the difference between the two?


Best regards,


Kimsan Song




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Hey Kimsan.


You should be able to do this using find and replace.

It’s been a long time so I looked it up just to be sure, but if this doesn’t work, I think there is another more complicated way to do it with a macro. Let’s hope this works though.


Press ctrl-f and then the search button to get a list of options. GO to find and replace. In the search box type “^g” without the quotes. Put nothing in the “replace” box. Press “replace all”.


I noticed there’s also a “graphics” option in the menu that appears when you hit the “search” button, but I can’t think of a Word document to test it on at the moment to see if it works or what it does.


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I’m working with a document that have several images. How can I delete them all quickly using jaws 2019 windows 10 latest.




Kimsan Song



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