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Richard Turner

Program features

  • Battery status on laptops is reported automatically while disconnected from charger,  while charging, or both. The notification intervals  are configured in the Configuration Manager. As can be expected, this feature and associated  options  are hidden on desktop computers;
  • Contact Manager, including  yearly customisable audio and text birthday reminders for listed contacts. Alert options are either audio and text, text only, or disabled. If set to audio and text, the audio alert will be repeated after 15 minutes (by default), if a reminder is not acknowledged. The interval can be changed to  half hourly, hourly, or disabled in Configuration Manager. This module is mainly for the benefit of users who do not have access to a smartphone, or possibly those who prefer the flexibility and simplicity of the Stascom alternative. The current version does not feature importing contacts from an external file source such as csv;
  • Reminder Manager with audio and text alerts, with optional repetitions on a future date. Audio alert sound can be changed if desired. The same customisable options as with birthday reminders, are available. See above;
  • Calculate day of the week for any date between 1 January 1601 and 31 December 9999;
  • Maximises application windows automatically. Window title exceptions can be specified ;
  • Prevents mute status on default sound card automatically. Recovery volume is configurable;
  • Low volume correction on default sound card (disabled by default). Minimum and normalise levels are configurable;
  • Two schedules and output percentage for automatic volume adjustment can be specified (disabled by default);
  • Password Generator, creating a unique, very strong 10 character password with each keystroke. Generated password can be copied to clipboard optionally;
  • Time announcements on the hour,  half hour and  quarter hour. Individual hours can be specified, or disabled altogether.  Custom audio chimes are optional if preferred over the included sound clips;
  • Accented and other special characters  can be easily inserted with hot keys;
  • Alphabetical list of 51 Windows applications and settings quickly accesseible with a hot key;
  • master volume level increased / decreased   by 5% with hot keys, ascending / descending tones to indicate the volume adjustment;
  • Word count for selected text in commonly used editors and browsers, with an option to place the result on the Windows clipboard. This feature is not supported in some editors and e-mail clients with non-standard cursors. The results are more accurate than in most similar packages, as it ignores all punctuation and special characters;
  • Program configuration can be reset to installation defaults;
  • Report generator, providing a summary of program settings and system information in HTML format for easy navigation;
  • Choice of three sets of modifier keys to use with Stascom hotkeys. A bypass key suspends Stascom hotkeys for five seconds. Should the user wish to disable the home row 1 to 0 hotkeys altogether, this can be done under the general category in Configuration Manager. If these keys are disabled, all options can still be accessed through the program dashboard, activated with modifier+backslash.

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On Apr 27, 2019, at 1:36 PM, Mr. Ed <pinky14@...> wrote:

I went to the site and read a few things. I did not find exactly what this program does. Could someone explain it or give me a link so I can read what this program does.

Thanks in advance.

Mr. Ed


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here is a direct link to the web page about the Stascom program.  Jacques who use to be on the Cool Blind Tech podcast is the one who wrote the program.



Hope this helps.




On Apr 26, 2019, at 9:53 PM, Vicky Vaughan <vrvaughan63@...> wrote:

Hi Mike, I Googled Stascom and didn’t find anything that sounded like a program or app.


Can you give us some more information so we can find it and maybe download it?


Sincerely Vicky V


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Hi LeDon,


It offers many little things like reminders.  It's best if you go to the website and read about it and decide for yourself if it might be good for you.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Dodgers!
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So, what is this program?


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Hi All,


You can read more about the program using the link below.  Supported operating systems and download instructions are below the URL.



A new and final version of Stascom has been released, version 2019.4.

Operating system support


Stascom will run on Windows 7 and 10, both 32 and 64 bit architectures. As support for Windows 7 will be discontinued in January 2020, Windows 10 is recommended
from a security perspective.


Downloading and installing the program


Should you read this after downloading and installing Stascom 2019.4, feel free to skip to the next heading.


The following caveats apply to downloading and installing the program.


list of 5 items
• There is no need to remove an older version of the program before installing version 2019.4. The setup program will close the previous version and replace
it with the latest update.
• Depending on the local security policy on the user's system, Windows 7 and 10 may report that the origin of the file, "Stascom_setup.exe," is unknown.
This is normal for any program that does not have a signed certificate. As Stascom is a free program and not sponsored by any means, it does not warrent
the expense of such a certificate.
• When using Internet Explorer browser to download the setup program, Smart Screen Filter may inform the user that the program has not been signed by the
developer. Refer to the explanation above.
• When receiving these warning messages, simply instruct Windows to continue with the download or installation. The same holds true for the second part
of the installation where initialisation is done for first run of the program.
• Users might be greeted with silence from their screen readers in these scenarios when another message from Windows is presented. Pressing tab or shift+tab
will echo the following message from Windows:
Windows protected your PC. Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. More info. Don’t
This is normal for any program that does not have a signed certificate. Enter on "more info" and then on "run anyway." Stascom has been tested extensively
on various systems, so the user may continue with confidence at this point.
list end

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Dodgers!
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