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JM Casey

I don't know about whether they are letting it die but I surely would not be
surprised to learn it isn't a priority. Nor should it be, imo. Must be a
real pain in the a*** to maintain, and when all information is easily
obtainable from other sources, I guess they ought to be spending time and
effort concentrating on making sure JAWS is up to speed with doing what it
is supposed to do, namely, functioning as a screen-reader.
I do use the dictionary lookup and currency conversion because they are
admittedly very convenient. The former, at least, shouldn't be changed too
much with the passing of time. Still expecting it might stop working one of
these days though.

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Hi Holly,
It was a topic a while back, like a month or so, about the weather as well
as other parts of research it not working.
I thought it was on this list.
I think FS is letting it die.
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I am using Windows 7 and JAWS 2019. I haven't been able to get my weather
research it to work. When I put in my zip code, or any other zip,it just
says 'no weather information available'. Anyone else use this feature and
had any problem with it?

Thanks for any help

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