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JM Casey

Hey everyone.

Just thought I’d chime in with one of my frequent pointers to doing things in this sort of way instead of going through menus and such. Lol

In addition to what Mike wrote below, you can quickly access the system restore utility by opening the run box with windows key + r and typing:




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Howdy Mild Cheddah,


See if the steps below help:

From: Jim

Good afternoon Jaws users list.
How to do a System Restore in W-10 with Jaws.

1. Press the Windows key, to bring up the search edit box.
2. Type System, press Enter on, System control panel.
3. Tab several times to, System Protection, press Enter.
4. You will be put in, the System properties multi page dialog, On The first page of this dialog called, System protection tab
5. Tab one time to, System restore..., press Enter.
6. Wait a few seconds for the page to open, Jaws speaks a lot of information to you, you are on the Next button.
7. Press Enter on the Next button.
8. You are in a list of the dates of different Restore points, down arrow and highlight or select the date you wish to Restore your computer to.
9. Now Tab to the Next button, press Enter.
10. Now you will hear, confirm your Restore point, followed by the date you highlighted on the previous page.
11. Tab to the Finish button, Press Enter.
12. You will hear a warning dialog saying, when System restore is started, it cannot be interrupted, press the spacebar or Enter to continue with System restore, or something like that.
13. press the appropriate control, either the Spacebar or the Enter key.
14. Now in about 25 to 50 minutes, your computer will boot up to your Log-in screen.
15. Type in your password or your pin, you are now done and Restored to the date you chose in the System restore list.



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Where do I go to restore my system back to a previous day whent things were working fine?

Running latest JAWS with Win 10.  Thanks.


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