Re: Google Chrome 74 is now available


So, Andy, how do I check and see if my Chrome has actually updated to the
latest version? One additional question, in this version of Chrome we are
supposed to be able to copy things with their HTML attributes from the web
. If we don't want that information, how we get rid of it in items we copy?

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When you launch Google Chrome, it should update to the latest version


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Here's Eric's message about the Chrome update.


In the March update of JAWS, there were changes made to prepare for the
release of Chrome build 74 and higher. If you have Chrome installed, and
go to the about box, you should get that update installed now. Here is
what was posted in the release notes and I think a great reason to move to
Chrome if you have not already.
Improvements With Selecting and Copying Content in Chrome
After working closely with developers at Google, we are pleased to
announce that starting with Chrome version 74.0.3717, an update scheduled
for release by April 2019, selecting and copying text using the keyboard
will now include the HTML markup as we have done in Internet Explorer for
years. The functionality is included for all users of JAWS and Fusion
2019, providing the ability to copy live links, lists of items, and even
tables from the Chrome browser and pasting them into Email messages or
Documents without losing the formatting.

*** The next JAWS monthly update should be out by the end of April.

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