Re: serious problem with new Outlook-2019 and JAWS

Jim Pursley

When in a mailbox, hit control y and a mailbox list will pop up.  Arrow to the one you want and it will open.  Return to the in box via control/space I.

On 4/24/2019 6:31 PM, JOHN RIEHL via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi. I’m using the latest JAWS on a new Windows-10 Machine and Office-2019. When I open my Outlook, I can see my inbox and all of its e-mails; unfortunately I can’t see any of my other mailboxes or accounts. My expected behavior is that when I open Outlook I am in my inbox and my most recent e-mail; then when I shift-tab I’m in the list of my mailboxes and I can arrow up or down or press the letter of a given mailbox and then press Enter to enter the mailbox. That’s how things work with my Windows-7 and Outlook-2010. None of this works with my new computer and Outlook02019. Same JAWS.

I’m assuming there’s some sort of view configuration I need to change but I don’t know what it is.

Please help!!

Thanks. John .


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