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Sharon S

Hi, I found out by accerdent that the computer at the place I volunteer is a touch screen. It is one of these computers that are all in the screen. One day I was reaching over to put something into the USB port and bumped the screen and Jaws started talking to me. I haven’t spent any time playing with Jaws and the touch screen because I normally have work to do and no time just to play.


From Shaz.

Canberra, Australia.


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I’m sorry, I just didn’t know blind people used them


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That’s funny.  LOL.


That’s like asking if a person needs to see to use an iPhone or Smart phone.




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uh, doesn’t a person need to see to use a touch screen?


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For touch screens and tablets.




From: sandy

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touch cursor?


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The way I approach the JAWS cursor is to turn to it when I’m not getting enough information from a window. Sometimes it shows more details.


Once in a while, the JAWS cursor detects a control (button, etc.) that wasn’t picked up by the PC cursor. In that case, while using the JAWS cursor, I put the focus on that control, then press JAWS key and the PC key together. Sometimes, doing so has the effect of making the control do what it’s supposed to. For example, some “submit” buttons at the end of forms can’t be invoked with the PC cursor on, but this key sequence can make it work. It used to work more often than it does now, but it can still be one more accessibility option.


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m finding lately that the touch cursor is bringing up more information than the JAWS cursor. It’s as if the touch cursor is steadily replacing the JAWS cursor for accessibility purposes.


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Hi Mike/all,

Thank you very much for that info, which explains a lot. Though I can not speak for Sandy, I will say that I find it difficult to determine that I am in a situation that a cursor other than the pc should be really employed. Also, as it has been said, jaws cursor does not work well for me, it usually offers blank screens.

                                                                Take care,



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Hi Sandy & Takis,


See if the following will help you understand the cursors a little better.

About JAWS Cursors

Navigating through Windows with JAWS is accomplished with cursors.

These cursors determine the focus of JAWS speech and are often directly

linked with Windows cursors.


The PC Cursor - Follows Keystrokes


This cursor is linked to the keyboard functions of Windows and applications.

This is the cursor that is used when typing information, moving through

options in dialog boxes, and selecting options or icons.

As you type information, the PC Cursor follows along with each key you


If you are making a selection in a menu or dialog box, the PC Cursor

highlights the currently selected object.

The PC Cursor is activated by default when JAWS starts. If you are using a

different cursor, pressing NUM PAD PLUS returns you to the PC Cursor.

*Tip, If you are using the Jaws touch cursor, pressing NUM PAD PLUS twice

quickly returns you to the PC Cursor.


The JAWS Cursor - Follows Mouse Pointer


The JAWS Cursor is linked to mouse pointer functions in Windows and other


It is used to read information the PC Cursor cannot read, such as toolbar


The mouse follows along with the JAWS Cursor when it is moved, and you

therefore have access to information in an application window that is beyond

the scope of the PC Cursor.

To activate the JAWS Cursor, press NUM PAD MINUS.


The Invisible Cursor - Explore Without Moving Focus


The Invisible Cursor allows you to move around the screen without changing

the position of the PC Cursor or mouse pointer.

You can use this cursor to read text and access options that you cannot move

to with the PC Cursor.

You can also use the Invisible Cursor to provide a quick overview of the

information currently available on the screen.

To activate the Invisible Cursor, press NUM PAD MINUS twice quickly.


The Touch Cursor - Object Navigation


The Touch Cursor enables you to navigate the Windows environment using a

touch screen, found on many tablet computers running Windows 8 or later.

*Tip, you do not need to have a touch screen to use the Jaws touch cursor.

To control JAWS from a touch screen, you will use one or more fingers to

perform various gestures directly on the screen, such as tapping, flicking,

and swiping.

When activated from the keyboard, you can use keystrokes to simulate touch

screen gestures to move through the objects in an application to access

information that is not readily accessible using the JAWS or PC Cursor.

The Touch Cursor is always available when navigating using a touch screen.

To activate the Touch Cursor from the keyboard, press SHIFT+NUM PAD PLUS.

Tip, to change from using the touch cursor back to the PC cursor, press the

num pad plus, twice quickly to change back to the regular PC cursor.



The Virtual PC Cursor - HTML Environment The virtual PC Cursor mimics the

functions of the PC Cursor, but is activated by default when entering an

HTML document, such as a web page on the Internet.

The virtual PC Cursor speaks the number of elements on the page when it

first opens.

For instance, the number of links, headings, and regions.

You can use the ARROW keys to navigate and read the document, or use

Navigation Quick Keys to move to specific elements, such as paragraphs,

tables, or headings.

JAWS also reads graphics labeled by alt tags in the HTML code.


Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Dodgers!
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so, in every day language, this means the jaws cursor doesn’t pick up all those groups of binary codes that are announced when on webpages, and things like that? please explain the data you mentioned


From: Adrian Spratt

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The JAWS cursor enables you to move around a window or screen without changing any data. Sometimes it picks up information that the Pc cursor doesn’t. However, a number of us find that it has become less and less workable, although it’s always worth trying. Lately, I’m finding the touch cursor provides more information. For the record, you bring up the touch cursor with shift-PC key and exit it with two presses of the PC key.


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I’ve used jaws for a good while, but relatively new to this list, and would like to know why and when it’s appropriate to use the jaws cursor, and yes, I know how to switch from the PC to the Jaws cursor. win 10, jaws 2019

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