problem with Jaws and The LG TONE ULTRA (HBS-820) is a lightweight wireless headset that uses

John R Vaughn


The LG TONE ULTRA (HBS-820) is a lightweight wireless headset.  It works very well with my IPhone 8 plus  but not with Jaws on the computer.

I am running latest windows 10 and latest jaws.  I have 8 mgs of ram and the I5 intel processor.

The issue,

When I pair the headset  with my computer and jaws using eloquence, no problem.  But the first time I bring up a list, Jaws just starts talking incoherently.

I remember that in settings, there is a setting for the synthesizer delay.  Wondering if this might be the problem?  I have checked for latest drivers.

I have not tried changing the settings if this might be barking up the wrong tree.

Thanks for any help or perspectives.




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