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Larry Volk

Hi George;

The combo boxes you are describing are quite common I’ve seen them a lot but this one on this specific website I’ve never seen before. Like I said at the beginning these combo boxes used to be just lists until they re-designed their website last year.




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There are a couple types of comboboxs , the one that I seen the most lately , you enter to open it and arrow to what you want and press enter,





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When I get kicked out and then re-enter the list my cursor is always placed on the first option. Typing letters for options I know in the list does get me there but there are many other options I’m unable to learn about.


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Hi Larry:


I have come across this problem on Amazon at times, usually when selecting a size or color.  The only way I have been able to work around it is to go back to the list after it kicks you out and wait to hear what you selected, then arrow up or down .  When it kicks you out again, go back and see if the option has changed.  It may take a few tries, but you can usually end up finding what you want to select in the combo list.


Hope this makes sense.


Maybe someone else has found an easier way.



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